Digital Agency

Opensource Pakistan's digital offerings kick all competitive offerings out of the park. We give more, we spend less.

Fully Enterprise

We specialize in scale. That means from mom and pop store to million of hits per day, we make sure your business remains simplified.

Unparalelled Service

We are open 24/7, 365 days a week. Your business is our business and we promise to go out of our way to take care of your needs.

About Us

Opensource Pakistan is a digital agency and software house made up of the most talented people available in Pakistan.

We are agile

We don't hire lackeys, we find the best people who have made a mark in their feild to partner with us and provide the best value to our clients.

We are ahead

We use the latest technologies to build great products. We are able to scale at low cost because we stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology.

We are everywhere

From embedded systems for large scale IoT projects, to massively scalable E commerce platform, we can do it all.

Our Services

Web Dev

Website development, frontend and backend. Your complete online infrastructure.


How to go from 0 to 1 million users on a budget? We can do this magic.

App dev

Enterprise apps for all platforms: Android, IOS, Windows, Mac and Linux

Infrastructure Management

Managing your tech infrastructure is not easy, we'll make sure you think it is.


Software Products

We back our products up with our guarantee of highest quality and amazing support. If you don't believe us, you can start with a trial account.

OpenScale™ - Your scalable infrastructure

Still running your public facing strategic software on legacy code that requires constant monitoring and prayers?

Switch to OpenScale™, our platform for websites that can cater to millions with fraction of the hardware costs, no headaches, super-fast speed and 99.999% reliability.


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We provide unmatched 24/7 support for this product.

Simulativ™ - Business simulations

Simulativ is a set of collaborative tools for running business simulations. Simulativ is our flagship product that provides bleeding-edge simulations solutions for business and acadamic institutions.

The closest products similar to this costs millions, Simulativ™ on the other hand has fraction of the cost, with no holding back on features.


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We provide unmatched 24/7 support for this product.

OpenIntel™ - Business Intelligence on the go

OpenIntel™ is an enterprise tool to monitor, gather and analyze business intelligence.

Market is going crazy for Big Data, and you don't understand what the fuss is about? We simplify it for you. OpenIntel™ seamlessly integrates into your existing tools to gather, analyze and report actionable business insights that you can start using right away and see firsthand what the magic of Big Data can do for your business.


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We provide unmatched 24/7 support for this product.

Automata™ - The office machine

Automata™ is our open source ERP that can be customized completely according to your business needs.

With Automata™ you can drastically automate your whole office, because nothing needs to be manual anymore. You don't have to be an enterprise with lots of moving parts to use Automata™, you can be a small company that needs to drstically reduce its HR budgets or you like your business to work as a clockwork.

Automata™ can do all that for you, and of course, if you have a multi-billion business situated in 50 countries, Automata's benefits live up to its hype.


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We provide unmatched 24/7 support for this product.

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